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London Markets

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MSc Digital Anthropology 


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Some of you may have followed the Instagram link to this project or may just be here out of interest and I would like to thank you for taking the time to take a look around. This project is part of my Master's degree in Digital Anthropology at UCL and every year, the theme changes and for 2018, we were asked to look at London Markets. The main aim is uncover how digital technologies are being integrated within London Markets? Consequently, how have these technologies then changed the face of these markets, if at all? The field site and focus of this project is small and as Clifford Geertz (1997[1973], p.23) exerted, that within the ‘microscopic nature of ethnography’, an Anthropologist should not try to explain the entire social world. Instead, I hope that this research and its insights depict the idiom that ‘Small facts speak to large issues’ (Geertz, 1997 [1993], p.23). In speaking to larger issues, the research will aim to open up discussions around the fishmonger's as craftsmen, as artists and issues surrounding sustainble fishing practices that then have a very real impact on how fish is consumed daily.