Digital MKTZ



Instagram as a tool of Sensory findings and discussion 

During the course of my data collection, I was fortunate enough to gain a very rich visual insight into the both the market and the daily functioning of F+F. I wanted the best possible method of displaying this visual information and also want the readers to engage with the material and spark discussions within the discussions area. 

As a result, I decided to create @digianth_ldnmktz and curated the content I have in a way that effectively display what I think are the main findings. Visitors are encouraged to leave comments and further engage with the content in a way that I may not have considered. 

In this sense, Instagram acts almost as a 'sensory postcards’ model described by Milena Droumeva (Ethnogrpahymatters, 2015), a post-doctoral researcher at The Simon Fraser University.

She uses the term ‘postcard’ here is an attempt to evoke a ‘moment in time’ (Ethnogrpahymatters, 2015) sensibility but I stretch this metaphor further in that, Instagram is a digital postcard, which can thereby support both moving visual media and audio, resulting in a richer ethnographic experience. 

Please click on the images above to be taken to the Instagram account, where you can start your journey from the bottom!



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