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Broadway Market


Why Broadway Market?

The primary incentive for choosing Broadway Market was simply because it is held very close to where I live and so on a practical level meant that I would not have to spend too much money or time travelling to and from my field-site. On the other hand, I am fairly new to London, having only moved here in September 2017, making the market a bit of a new experience even for me. This gave me a bit of distance from the market itself than maybe if I had lived in the area for a longer period. 


The market as their website states  'has been home to market traders since the 1890s' and boasts ' independent shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes and of course stalls offering amazing fresh produce, authentic street food, the most original clothing, arts and crafts in London. ' (BroadwayMarket, 2018). A rich history seems to underpin the market and thus, it would be intriguing to see how digital technologies had permeated the scene. Furthermore, as I will explain in the section entitled 'Why F+F?', Broadway Market is interesting in that whilst it is a market street, it also has permanent shops that are open throughout the week and the existence of both markets - permanent shops and temporary stalls -  creates a temporal dynamic that is intriguing to witness on a Saturday stroll. 


Where is it?

Broadway Market is located a short walk away from both Haggerston and London Fields overground stations. 

Broadway Market
London E8 4QJ

Saturday: 9:00AM–5:00PM