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Why Fin and Flounder?

I chose Fin and Flounder simply because I love fish and had recently begun to inquire about issues surrounding how fish is sustainably sourced, especially with current concerns around over-fishing. They too are concerned about these issues and so, ensure that they source the best quality fish, sustainably sourced through 'long standing relations with day boat fishermen from Scotland to Cornwall using only the best merchants from Billingsgate and France' (FinandFlounder, 2018). The shop itself is owned by Brendan and its everyday running operations are kept in check by Danny Murphy, who manages the a close-knit team of fishmongers. Furthermore, not only are they one of the most renowned fishmongers in London but their expertise stretches further than than fish and as a result, they have deep-seated relations with suppliers, local restaurants and loyal customers. 


In terms of anthropology as a discipline and more so within the anthropology of food, digital technologies are 'forever being reworked to fit the production strategies, resource availabilities and social desires' (Pottier, 1999, p.5). In a desire to be more sustainable, efficient and profitable, how are these traditional businesses adopting new technologies? Linking back to the start of this project and Geertz's idiom of speaking to larger issues, Anthropology has to expand, in terms of stretching the discipline itself - through pursuing studies of technology in food and agriculture - and by ensuring that 'ethnographic output becomes available in accessible form' (Pottier, 1999, p.9).


Lastly, in terms of F+F's connection to the market, there are two elements, the first is that the shop is open on the same day at the market and F+F have a stall at the other end of the market, that sells hot food. F+F is the only shop that part of both the Broadway Market as a street and as a market, resulting in a two fold interaction that will explored further through this project.


Where is it?

Opening times: 

Tues-Fri 10am-6.30pm

 Saturday 9am-5pm

 Sunday and Monday Closed.