I have used the picture on the right in order to compliment my subtitle by juxtaposing the the F+F shop and market stalls that can be seen being set up during the early hours of the market. The customer peeking in Phil, who I later had an informal interview with about his experience with buying and sourcing fish. That particular morning, he had arrived early for some crabs that he had ordered ahead of time. 

Phil physical positioning in this photo represents my field-site(s), the first one being the market within which he stands and the other, the shop itself where I conducted the majority of my research. I spent a total of six hours in F+F over two Saturday's and some of this time was also dedicated to their stall within the market. 

Access to shop is not very restricted and so, during busy market periods, these sites felt very intertwined and thus, as the title suggests, there's an oscillation between multiple/single sites.